Reflection Connection

Another forest, another beaver pond; more fun with reflections.


Walk On By

Good photography happens in the most surprising places.

Worlds Within Whorls

Lodgepole pine cone on my front steps. While working on a project/study in my front yard (one that will take me all year to complete) I found this newly-shed specimen.  I was taken by its texture and the spiral emphasized by the process of it opening.  It took several tries to find the right combination... Continue Reading →

Oh My Head

Ok...this is not meant to be a gear blog, but I just found a piece of kit that I'm seriously flipped over.  I've been toying with the idea of picking up a new tripod & head for macro photography.  The two tripods I have aren't up to the task.  Neither gets low enough to the... Continue Reading →

Pay Attention!

Being aware of your surroundings and keeping your photographer's eyes open can yield fantastic opportunities for great pictures.

Raging Falls

Even though I haven't been posting, I have been shooting.  Went to a new location yesterday at dawn and I think I might go back soon as I have other things I want to try. Yeah, it's another river in winter, but the rough beauty of places like this just gets to me.  The noise... Continue Reading →

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