The Legendary Olympus 90mm f2 macro lens

One of the internet search terms that often leads people to my site is for the Olympus 90mm f2 macro lens.  I'm not exactly sure where they end up since I use that lens a lot and post many shots taken with it.  Like this one. I found this little crawler on my backpack yesterday... Continue Reading →


When It Becomes Visible

You know, I think I spend more time with my backpack off and it lying on the ground than I do actually wearing it!  Being that I spend so much time way down on the ground, photographing tiny things I think I need a different rig.  Or one that allows me to work differently.  But... Continue Reading →

What’s Your Major?

Recently I participated in a discussion that stemmed from a person wondering about the composition of a very famous photo by a very famous photographer; Henri Cartier-Bresson.  Specifically the person wanted to understand why this image is composed so amazingly well. It got me to thinking about photography and the importance of concentration in the... Continue Reading →

Learning to Share

Just though I'd update you on where else you can find me on the web.  No I'm not trying to be a wicked media whore, but I am experimenting with a couple new venues that might work if I can get my act together. One is 500px a photo sharing and commenting site.  If you've... Continue Reading →

The Power of Scouting

Up until recently, I've been a catch-as-catch-can type of photographer.  If I was going somewhere, I took my camera and tried for photos as I went.  Rarely did I return to a location to do better or capture a different aspect of the place.  Now though, I understand what scouting a location can do.  Remember... Continue Reading →

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