Piscataquog: Middle Branch

I'd been meaning to get back here since the first time I explored this little swatch of conservation land.  It contains the middle branch of the Piscataquog river and has some interesting aspects to it like a pond and some defunct bridges.  Unfortunately the light wasn't overly cooperative and when the sun came out I... Continue Reading →


Elusive Wildflowers Part 8 – Cardinal flower

Wahoo!  Another beauty photographed.  Never have I shot these before, but while out doing some river work (my favorite, the Piscataquog, and I'll post about that soon) I found some near a pond's runoff streams.  This flower has become quite rare in some areas due to people picking and digging it up a lot.  I... Continue Reading →

More from Ponemah Bog

Are you dead from the suspense yet?  Sorry about that.  Here is some more from my latest dawn trek to the bog.  The wider views are all done with my regular 12-60mm lens, but I spent some time finding some landscape slices which was pretty rewarding.  It's a fun way to see things that is... Continue Reading →

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