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Springing Forward

Hi peeps.

It’s me. The phantom photographer.

Funny how working full-time makes it hard to get out and shoot. I can’t just stop and go out when the light is nice. I can’t cancel meetings because it’s suddenly overcast and I could go to a waterfall. Even if I do have intentions of going out before or after working hours, I’m sometimes too tired to actually go.


I did yesterday though. I was at Pawtuckaway investigating the hepatica and other flowers and I shot some, but my batteries were so unused that they just died on me one by one. So drained they wouldn’t even register or power on the camera. But I knew I’d have to go back. The flowers last year were wicked pale, but this year are full to bursting with color.


Are we the first ones here?

Aren’t they gorgeous?

Hopefully I have a few more in the memory card. It was very trying because my camera, despite factory service, has begun to flake on me. EXIF data says this was shot at f7.1. Uh. I don’t think so. The camera isn’t stopping the lens where I set it and I know this was shot wide open. It also wasn’t metering or firing properly. I have no idea what’s going on. I need to get a hold of Olympus again, but I’m betting my old E-30 is toast. Which bums me out like crazy. I like the dumb thing.

Anyway..stay tuned.