New year, new habits

Breaking the old, making some new - photography habits can be good and bad. Here's some thoughts.


A way in – workflow ideas for Luminar

Luminar workflow - do you start with a preset and let it go, or continue to add filters? Oh the choices. Here's one.

Luminar Color contrast

As I play with Luminar, I find some filters very useful not only for what they do primarily, but for how differently they can be applied or adjusted. Today I'm going to talk about the Color Contrast filter. This is what the developer website has to say about this filter - "Cycle through the color... Continue Reading →

Sorry about the huge image. WordPress is becoming a bit of a drag and I may have to change platforms. Top 5 Improvements I want NOW!! The option to place new filters on the top of the stack in the side panel instead of buried at the bottom which makes you have to scroll The... Continue Reading →

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