Elusive Wildflowers – Part 11 – Black Nightshade

Nightshades are an interesting family of plants. Many of them are poisonous with lethality that goes mostly like this - mmm, yummy woah, trippy eww, I don't feel so good omg, I wish I was dead ugh, (clunk) Even the non-deadly ones have deleterious effects for some people. Those would be potatoes, tomatoes, tomatillos, peppers... Continue Reading →

Elusive Wildflowers – Part 10 – Garden Loosestrife

Another one that's not elusive in the sense that it's rare, but that I've never encountered it before. This post combines my love of wildflowers and my yard macro thing from the last post. I spotted these guys in an overgrown garden that's being reclaimed by weeds. Sigh. Laziness. That's why I can't have anything... Continue Reading →

Elusive Wildflowers – Part 9

So, two new things for you today. First being this gorgeous wild bleeding heart I found in my yard today. Never before have I seen or photographed the wild variety and so when I saw it today, I got right out there. I didn't use the E-30 though. Nope. New camera making its debut on... Continue Reading →

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