Elusive Wildflowers Part 2.1 – Bloodroot in bloom

I was right.  It took two trips to get these in bloom.  Somehow I'm not satisfied with my work, but for now it will do.  The light went from terrific to flat in a short time and since it was still pretty breezy, I packed it in.  Here's what I got though. Shot with a... Continue Reading →

Elusive Wildflowers Part 2 – Bloodroot

My photographic journey with this flower has been an interesting one. Despite the long hours I spend in the woods and my quest for wildflowers to photograph, I'd never seen these beauties except in the photographs of others.  A photographer acquaintance of mine even refused to disclose the location of the flowers a couple years... Continue Reading →

Elusive Wildflowers Part 1 – Hepatica

In the event that I get crap out of the camera tomorrow, here's what I shot today.  All three were shot with my old Olympus 90mm. It's round-lobed hepatica, a very early riser in the spring wildflower pantheon.  And one I've never shot before.  The name refers to the leaves which are quite distinctive and... Continue Reading →

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