The Garden in the Woods

If you live in New England or are here on vacation and you love wildflowers and wild plants in general, you owe yourself a trip to The Garden in the Woods, a preserve run by the New England Wildflower Society. It is magical, awe-inspiring and an unbelievably precious resource. My mom and I visited the... Continue Reading →

Parker River NWR, Plum Island

Every once in a while I do go somewhere besides the woods. Because I'm in New England that doesn't leave a lot of somewhere else. No desert. No badlands. No canyons. No sweeping steppes. We do have coastline though and so I'll make the trek. This time to Plum Island which is the home of... Continue Reading →

Waterfall weekend

This year we've had so much rain that the waterfalls are still flowing mightily.  Strange for this time of year when most streams, rivers and brooks are quite low.  Makes for some fantastic photography though and of course I was out there. This is Mill Brook.  Yeah, original huh?  There is still a semi-active mill... Continue Reading →

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