A place holder

Hi Peeps. I don't have a real post for you this Sunday. Maybe next week. I'm recovering from 2 surgeries - 1 expected and planned on Dec 19th and the other unexpected and unplanned just after the 1st of the year. Could have been a complication from the first or just developed on its own,... Continue Reading →

6K Photo Capture Mode

I finally get around to using 6k capture mode. Thoughts, pictures & a head's up.

We interrupt this blog

Recently I almost lost my dad. Nearly half-orphaned I was. Me. At close to¬†50. No matter what your age, if you get along at all with your 'rents, losing them is traumatic and I've been spoiled by very healthy ones so this disaster really made me mental. Not to mention I'm really far away now... Continue Reading →

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