A place holder

Hi Peeps.

I don’t have a real post for you this Sunday. Maybe next week.

I’m recovering from 2 surgeries – 1 expected and planned on Dec 19th and the other unexpected and unplanned just after the 1st of the year. Could have been a complication from the first or just developed on its own, but I’m pretty much down for the winter – housebound and I can’t really stand or sit with my feet below me for long so no working at the jewelry bench either.

I plan to do a Best of Post, but I don’t have the energy right now. There are are a few other shots I can use for another post, but beyond those nothing newer since I haven’t been able to go out.

Thanks for your patience.

I got to ski once. Once.

3 thoughts on “A place holder

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  1. Get well soon! Looking forward to your return . . . maybe sit by a window with a long lens and watch the wildlife!

  2. Thanks guys. This Monday is MUCH better than last Monday. Symptoms are down, pain is far less and I can get around better than I have in weeks. Gives me hope that not all the winter is lost. I haven’t taken a picture in weeks either which is really strange. But I’m not going to push myself too much. Baby steps.

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