To sell or not to sell

I’m sometimes asked if I sell my work and I always say no. Mostly because I’m not a professional working to get my images into magazines or going after commissions or portrait work. But it’s easy these days to set up a store with a print-on-demand service.

I’ll pin this to the top of the blog for a while to see what you all think.

I’m not trying to rope you guys into anything and there’s no commitment (I won’t send my henchmen after you, promise!). Just looking for interest because the market is unbelievably crowded and it’s going to be some work prepping & uploading images. I’ve already made some changes to the website (didja notice, didja?) – let me know what you think of those. And this as a logo –

But, as I say it’s only 1s and 0s. Nothing set in stone.

11 thoughts on “To sell or not to sell

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  1. You definitely should. The only potential downside to selling your work is if you change your style so that you start photographing based more on what you think might sell instead of what you love. Otherwise I don’t see any reason not to.

  2. Personally, I think you really should. I find the photos amazing. But inthe end it’s all upto you and how you feel about getting your photos out there in the market.

    1. Thanks for the vote of confidence, felicia. I don’t want to be a slave to it and have gotten to the point where I like my work enough that I can take the negative judgment of others (no one buys a thing!!), so I’ll put a toe in the water and see.

  3. The idea of selling is always nice, and it could pay for equipment or just itself. Your work is good. I don’t know if I would want to go through the trouble if it is a lot of work, but admittedly photography is not my first love, but a close second! Certainly it won’t hurt to explore it, perhaps on a small scale basis and use reputations of services to perhaps guide choices. And, yes, your logo is good!

    1. Thanks so much. It will definitely be a sideline and won’t change what I shoot or how. Was out all day with my beloved Prairie River and didn’t think once of what would sell. Thanks about the logo. So hard to do those things sometimes.

      1. Yeah! Keep paddling and making pictures, and the rest will come along. Have a safe and healthy and wonderful holiday season.

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