Lily of the Valley – Part 1

Just outside my door is what used to be a flower bed.  It is now a Lily of the Valley bed exclusively.  This flower is incredibly prolific and very hardy.  It spreads like mad and becomes a pest if you care about anything else you’re trying to grow.  Luckily it prefers shade to sun and sometimes that will do the trick and keep it out.  I don’t really mind it growing where it is since whether it’s blooming or not it’s a pretty attractive plant.  Plus when it does bloom it smells wonderful.  When I was  little girl we had a huge mass of these growing on one side of the house and I remember picking them for my mother along with other flowers, but these smelled the best.

So I’ve decided to do a photographic study of its life cycle starting with the first shoots of spring to the frost bitten leaves in the winter.  Hopefully you will see improvement in my technique and finished product over the course of this project which is really sort of the point of it after all.

Equipment will most likely remain the same –

  • Olympus E-30 DSLR
  • manual Olympus Zuiko 90mm f2 macro lens (my precious)
  • manual Olympus 25mm extension tube (occasionally)
  • manual Olympus T10 ring flash (occasionally)
  • manual Olympus Zuiko 180mm f2.8 telephoto lens
  • Zuiko Digital 12-60mm f2.8-4 SWD lens
  • various support structures ranging from an old tripod to a bag of lentils

Here are my first efforts –

March 25th - 90mm w/extension tube
March 25th - 180mm w/extension tube

March 31 - 90mm only

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