Reflections on Death – Part 2

Strange that I haven’t posted more from my large collection of cemetery images.  I shoot cemeteries all the time and really enjoy spending time in them.  New England is littered with old ones and many of them are tiny and very picturesque.  Recently on a trip to upstate New York, I saw this one in Stillwater right on Route 423.  It has no name and appears to be used by only a handful of families.

...all in a row

Many of the stones were illegible due to time and weather, but the ones I could read dated from early to late 19th century.

The Sentinel

I shot with my legacy Zuiko 24mm f2.8 lens this time and wanted to capture the green lushness of this little burial ground.  The huge trees spaced throughout added to the intimate feel.  I reduced the clarity slightly in two of the photos and only sharpened slightly.  Color saturation and vibrance was left alone, but I did reduce the luminance in the greens a bit.  I think it works.

In company

I know this is sort of an unusual subject for some people, but if you like it and don’t want to wait for my next cemetery post, you can visit my Graven Images Gallery on SmugMug.

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