Dr. Evil’s Tomatoes

A couple of summers ago I noticed a pretty plant in the backyard.  It’s a floaty vine with beautiful flowers.  The bees love them.  I didn’t give it much thought until I tried to photograph it –

Very difficult.  Those leaves are like sails and catch the least little breeze.  What a PITA, honestly.  But the flowers were so pretty and reminded me of Shooting Stars though I knew they weren’t.  So I did some checking and discovered what I had on my hands is Bittersweet Nightshade also called Deadly Nightshade although I think they might be different species that only look alike.  Either way it’s poison.  Bittersweet nightshade won’t actually kill you, but I it will make you wish you were dead for a while.

So I kept an eye on it and after a few weeks I saw this –

Dr. Evil's Tomatoes

Aren’t they the cutest things?  They look just like tiny tomatoes.  No wonder since tomatoes are in the nightshade family.  Not surprising people thought they were poison for centuries.  After a few days they look like this –

Salad anyone?

OMG aren’t they awesome?  Don’t you love how the stems turn black and evil looking?  I want to eat one they look so appetizing.  I won’t, but something does.  When they all turn red they disappear quick just like the leaves which get eaten down to nothing.  Deadly sure, but only to us.

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