Lily of the Valley – Part 8

After some weeks of relative sameness, the plants are beginning a new phase – the die back.

August 4 - ZD 12-60mm

I love the contrast between the still verdant leaves and the dying leaves.   The textures are still terrific.

August 5 - OM 90mm f2

And of course I couldn’t resist a monochrome conversion.  The shapes and light variation in the early morning is perfect for this kind of interpretation.  A square crop adds to the classical feel I think.

August 5 - OM 90mm f2

I also noticed that the berries from the last session are still hanging in there, although they haven’t changed in color enough to warrant new photos yet.  Keeping my eyes peeled though.

August 5 - OM 90mm f2

Overall I’m pleased with my messy little patch of flowers and the project so far.  As the die back continues I’ll be out there again.  There’s one more shot on the SmugMug Gallery if you’re so inclined.

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