Massive Dynamic II

Son of Massive Dynamic. Told ya I’d go back.  Yesterday afternoon was a pretty good day to be out.  Better than today which is overcast and blah.  Anyway, I didn’t take these two shots deliberately to match.  They’re like bookends and I only noticed it when I got to processing them.  I mean, it’s not too shocking considering how I compose shots and the time of day, but man, they are pretty cool together.  Even though there is a bit of color in the trees and sky, I still went with monochrome to preserve the feeling of the bridge set as a whole and to emphasize form and lines.  That’s my excuse anyway.


Set in stone
Quiet shores

Oh, so you want some color now do you?  Well, ok.


Warrior of Life

I’m really pleased with how that one turned out.  After repositioning the tripod a few times, I got that ridge of white water to angle where I wanted it.  The combination of polarizer and neutral density filter gave me the colors and exposure I wanted.  The Merrimack is no river to fool with and so while I did want to convey an idea of it’s flow, I also wanted to preserve the feeling of power and so a 1 second exposure was pretty good at doing both.  I tried both slower and faster and neither works as well as this.  It also brings up the yellow reflections of the leaves pretty well which to me, adds interest.

Anyway, I have a few more from this ramble, but I’ll save them for another post.

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