Down on my knees again

Suffering for my art.

Snagged a branch off a wonderfully photogenic, but wickedly invasive, bittersweet plant.  They’re everywhere now, like purple loosetrife, choking the life out of native plants.

Anyway, I haven’t been shooting macro much so decided to bring out the big guns for these – the OM 90mm f2 and the OM 35mm f2 and the 25mm extension tube.  No tripod, just my bag of barley and very bright shade.


Joyful enemy

I love how the berry coverings make them look like tiny lemons before they’re shed.  The berries are just under a centimeter across.  The background of this next one is an old grill cover (the one the frogs were living in) on the deck.  It only looks good out of focus.


Truly bittersweet

The combination of the extension tube and the 35mm lens allows me some really great angles of view.  I like how it makes the berries look slightly menacing –

Keep your enemies closer


3 thoughts on “Down on my knees again

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    1. Hi Kim, thanks for the compliment, but please do not plant this in your yard unless you live in China. It’s not a native plant and once introduced to an area will spread and literally choke the life out of larger trees and plants. I saw some today in a Nature Conservancy area and am going to alert them to it. You should have seen the state of the now dead tree it was wrapped around. Awful stuff.

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