Reflections on death – part 3

Some ask if I ever hang out with live people, that’s how often I can be found in a cemetery.  I’m just drawn to them.  Here’s a round-up of some of the best from the last few months –

Hollis Town cemetery
Cook cemetery, Campton NH
Ordione Point Cemetery, Rye NH
Old Burial Hill, Marblehead, MA

There are lots more in the Graven Images Gallery if you can’t get enough.

3 thoughts on “Reflections on death – part 3

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  1. Great shots – I can see why you are drawn to cemeteries to do photography. Are these sites mostly abandoned? Wondering what sort of reactions you get from people who see you doing photography in a cemetery.

  2. hey thanks for the comment.

    While not exactly abandoned, my favorite cemeteries are certainly disused. Some are outright forgotten, but most are still cared for. I rarely shoot an active cemetery; mostly because modern monuments are mostly boring or ugly or festooned with crap. It’s the old stones I’m after.

    I’ve only been asked about what I was doing once while photographing a cemetery, and it was for parking too close to the school, not for the activity itself. It was kind of funny, actually and once the police officer understood I wasn’t a ‘kiddie fiddler’, he was fine.

  3. I agree – the modern ones have no character. These give a sense of history, and there is some wonderful artistry that goes into the stones.

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