Attitude of Gratitude

I’m a little dizzy from the time on the front page.  Wow.  Thanks to the folks at WordPress for the honor.  I had no idea and came back from an afternoon away from the computer to a ton of views and comments.  Thanks to everyone who had something kind to say about my work.  It’s very gratifying.  Even more are the host of new subscribers.  Thanks, peeps.  I’ll try to live up to my end of the bargain and post interesting or useful things.  In addition to the Black and White 201 post, another is taking shape in my brain and I’ll start to write it today.  Light and landscape photography is the general idea.

I did something that I hadn’t intended to do just yet, but since I maintain a totally separate Twitter account that has nothing to do with photography, I thought I might as well set one up for Wicked Dark.  So to follow me if you want to – @WickedDarkPhoto or go to This Link.  It doesn’t look too fancy yet, mostly because I’m on TweetDeck most of the time.  I do a lot of photo-related browsing so will post interesting stuff I come across.  Expect the unexpected.

My next intended shoot day is Saturday which ought to be a ton of fun.  I’m going out with at least two of my local photo buds and we always have a grand time.  It should be especially silly since it will be my first time on snowshoes.  There’s probably 3 feet of it so I’ll need ’em.

Anyway, that’s it for now.  Thanks to all commenters, I really appreciate it.  So much of the internet is a black hole and so it’s good to get an echo now and again.  Also thanks to all you new subscribers.  I’ll try to be worthy.

And what’s a post without a picture, so here’s some kayaks in the snow.

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