10 Things I Love About Photography

I have a cold.  And when I have a cold I get cranky.  Inspired by a silly blog post about the 10 things someone hates about photography (and it was a stretch…color management?  really?  You hate color management?  You need a life, buddy.) I decided to do 10 things I love about photography.

  1. It feeds my solitary nature.  I’ve never been uncomfortable with just myself for company.  Sure, I love getting together with other photographers, it’s fun and I look forward to our meets every time, but photography is basically a lone occupation.  If you can’t hack being alone, photography is probably not for you.

  2. Fuels my appreciation for the outdoors.  My mom taught me that nature is glorious and wonderful and I’m so glad she did.  When I escape the sound of humanity, I feel better.  When I find some creature or scene to spend time with, I feel wonder and joy.  What’s better than that?
  3. Allows me to see what’s hidden in plain sight.  One of the reasons I do microscapes and macros is to see what goes unseen.  What other medium could do this?
  4. The sound of my OM-3 shutter release.  Sexy!
  5. My E-30.  Yes, even I am susceptible to Gear Acquisition Syndrome, but I shot with an OM-1 for 10 years without buying anything else.  Finding a well of satisfaction with your gear is something everyone should do.  And not just about cameras – other stuff too.  I’ve got a couple of cars one 23 years old, the other 13 and I love both, neither are going anywhere for a long time.  So technology changes, that’s the nature of it.  Learn when to say enough is enough.
  6. My OM 90mm f2 – I first lusted after this lens in the late 80s, but no way could I afford one.  Around 2000 I finally bought one and every time I use it, I fall in love all over again.  Probably the last lens I’d part with.  Sorry 12-60.
  7. Documents the impermanence of things.  The world changes so fast that a person can get dizzy.  Seeing how things used to be is a good place-holder for progress.  Showing how things were brings perspective that not everything lasts.
  8. Solidifies memories.  I have a REALLY bad memory.  To the point where stuff disappears. Whole events, years, decades, people just gone.  I think it’s something physical.  But when I have pictures things solidify in my brain and I retain some memories, flickering alone in the emptiness of my past.
  9. Makes me happy.  When I’ve nailed it I get this lovely glowing feeling of satisfaction.  Even when it’s an accident.  When other people say they like something I’ve done, that’s pretty cool, too.
  10. It’s completely up to me.  I shoot when I want to.  I stop when I don’t.  The trick is to not force it.  When I do, I take crappy pictures and who needs that?  Am I taking up too much time with photography?  I dial it back.  The fate of the world does not hinge on whether I get the shot or not.  If I think I’m being obnoxious on vacation or on a hike, I ask my companions and act accordingly.  No big deal.

So there negative guy.  This is why I keep doing what I do.  It’s why I always have.  It’s why I always will.

5 thoughts on “10 Things I Love About Photography

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  1. ay yes. i agree with this completely. i may be newish at this, but i love it. i dont get bored with it. thats a first. i dont have nearly the equipment you do yet, maybe never will … but i relate on so many levels with everything youve said here.
    my thoughts exactly!

  2. Love this post! I can’t think of one thing I don’t like about photography. Most of all, I love that it has taught me to really look at things.

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