Out of My Head

Just a quick post of some more unusual shots I’ve taken lately.  No, I haven’t abandoned my hyper-literal, documentary style, but I had some fun and thought I’d share.

Death Can Dance (dead trees reflected in a forest pond)
Spring in Abstract (blurred leaves in fg and a reflection of more in a vernal pool)
Tamarack Pine with its bog in the bg

It’s sometimes VERY hard for me to see in abstract.  My brain’s not wired that way, but I sometimes go out of my head.

4 thoughts on “Out of My Head

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  1. This kind of ties in with the question you asked in your previous post- I’m paraphrasing here, “Am I getting better?” I think it indicates the answer is yes, from the aspect of being able to take developed skills and being able to apply them (well) to a different style.


  2. thanks boys. Yeah, that was the upshot of my last post, tracking my overall level of non-suckitude. I like to think I can make this kind of thing work, but the thing of it is, I have to make it. A lot of my other work comes very naturally – finding little scenes, composing, finding the right light etc. Abstract stuff, well, that’s work all right. I will continue to mess with it though since it helps me stretch.

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