Learning to Share

Just though I’d update you on where else you can find me on the web.  No I’m not trying to be a wicked media whore, but I am experimenting with a couple new venues that might work if I can get my act together.

One is 500px a photo sharing and commenting site.  If you’ve been active in the twittersphere or photo community you’ve probably heard it.  I haven’t become fully “awesome” yet (their term for a paid member), but I have uploaded some photos to it.  The idea as I understand it is that the site founders want  photographers to only upload their best work for display.  No snaps of the dog and what you had for breakfast unless your business is pet or food photography (pet food photography?) I think the premise is nice, but they have no way to control what people post, so it will probably become diluted and flickrish over time.  I’ve even noticed it already.  The blog there is interesting, but I can’t see it becoming anything close to what I do here.  Anyway here I am – WickedDarkPhotography

Another thing I’m playing with is Google +.  Technically it’s still in sleep mode, but more and more people are signing up and so it’s beginning to take off.  As a person who has precious little to do with Facebook I’m going to reserve judgment.  It hasn’t nearly the breadth or density of fb yet, but yet is the term to watch.  So far I have a small photography circle and one for another interest.  My frustration is finding like minds.  Oh and finding what my actual address is over there.  Seems you have to use some 3rd party hack to get a normal url and I’m not giving them that, so I’ll wait until it matures.  One thing I do like is that on Google’s pages there’s a little icon that changes if you’ve got something in your stream you should look at and so you don’t have to have the page open all the time.  Nice.

That being said, I find myself twittering less and less.  With so many social media sites it’s hard to keep up and to keep anything distinct.  Why should you follow me there and on Google +, the blog and everywhere else if it’s all the same?  Like I said, I haven’t gotten my act together.  I’m still fooling with it.  Twitter is here = WickedDarkPhoto

Oh and one last plug, I have a new article on Photography.ca as of today.  Another that focuses on close-up photography and how important the background and other elements are as they relate to your subject.  Check it – Watch Your Backgrounds.  I really needed to edit it one last time, but oh well.

So that’s a wrap.  I leave you with a shot from the sunrise shoot at Lubberland Creek that I didn’t have processed before.  You would have laughed to see the contortions I had to go through to catch this lovely lady.  I’m pretty sure it’s an immature garden orb weaver and boy was she shy.

Angel of the Morning

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  1. Finally got an invite for Google+, so signed up this morning, It seems to lack the maturity of FB, but the backbone architecture of G+ seem lightyears ahead of FB’s bloat ware.

  2. Interesting – I wonder about all the social media venues also! I do use FB – although only for actual close friends and family – I try to keep that private! I have considered Google+ for a broader audience – but as someone who works full time outside of my travel and photography passions – how much time to I really have to maintain all these social media avenues! Have started with twitter – but unless I keep up with it – not sure it is the way to go!!!
    Regardless, I found your site based on the product – your photographs are amazing! I am inspired by what you are putting up there! Love the above picture of the spider – now that I have a new macro – capturing one of these guys is on my list! Could be a tough one – sometimes I must remember to stop and look beyond the larger “travel” themed photography that I prefer!

    1. I’ve been concentrating on g+ these days. You’re right with it being too hard to do them all. If I get this job that I’m interviewing for, I’ll still have time for photography, but precious little besides. I guess we have to choose our priorities and stick to them.

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