The Birth and Death of a Day

My eyes aren’t always turned downwards, finding tiny details to show to the rest of the world.  No, sometimes I pretend I’m a landscape photographer.  Here are a sunrise at the coast and a sunset at a lake.  Unfortunately there were no clouds in the sky for the sunrise, but when I saw the clouds yesterday afternoon, I knew they’d light up well.

Fade Away
Before the Burn
Seaside Rendezvous
Light Discovering Darkness
Wolf Moon

5 thoughts on “The Birth and Death of a Day

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  1. Beautiful shots! The depth on most of them is amazing. The clouds are gorgeous, the water simply wonderful. Then again I’m a sucker for shots like these. They’re truly fantastic. What camera are you using? These images look very clear and crisp.

      1. Well where are you at in the world? I know down here we don’t really get those lovely transitions from spring to fall to winter. We just get summer and mild summer. Haha! When’s the last time you took pictures of landscapes? Your camera sounds pretty spiffy, too.

  2. New England has some gorgeous seasons! I went to upstate New York once during the fall. Needless to say, I came home with a good couple thousand pictures. Haha. We never get that sort of weather down here in the south. Ever.

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