Strangest Thing

The immortal last words of McManus (The Usual Suspects) perfectly describe what’s happening with this picture on flickr –

Altered States

I put it up a few hours ago and it’s had a hundred views coming from an unknown source.  The Unknown source gag is something that frustrates the crap out of me with flickr.  I’ve put a comment in asking if someone could tell me from whence they all come, but so far nothing.  Strangest thing.

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  1. I’ve had that happen a few times. I’ve done the same thing you did, and put in a comment basically asking WTF. No result, so I did some experiments. I think one way it happens is if somebody sends an email with a link to your picture to a bunch of people. If people hit your picture from their email it will be unknown source. You’ll also get an unknown source view if you or somebody puts a link to your picture on their facebook wall. Some blogs might also give you unknown source views.

    I agree it is frustrating.

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