A Moment of Macro

Earlier today I took a quick stroll around the yard, looking at this and that, checking on things that might be emerging.  It’s not officially spring, but it sure feels like it out there.  We’ve got spring peepers peeping already and I saw a garter snake around the 10th.  Amazing.

Anyway, on my quick stroll (believe me…I’ve got a tiny yard) I noticed that some moss had already sent up little pods containing spores.  These are one of my latest obsessions and I’m going to make you all sick of moss before long.  ; P

Hats Off

I loved the light and the contrasting colors.  And look how each pod is losing its little paper hat.  Soon the spores will be free.  Each tiny stalk is only an inch high (give or take a smidge) and so slender as to be almost invisible when you look down.  I had to run my hand gently over the top to make sure they were really there.  Except when the sun hits them just right that is.  Shot with my trusty Olympus 90mm macro at about f8 if memory serves.  Anyway, I hope you like it and hopefully I’ll have more shots to share soon.  If anyone can point me to a good moss ID website, I’d sure appreciate it.

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