I do sweat the small stuff

and you should know that by now.  Here’s a group of tiny things that have found themselves in front of my lens.

Shadowy undergrowth
Spotted touch-me-not
Fuzzy friend

oh and something a little different, from Ryan and Wood Distillery, based in Gloucester, MA.

Spirits of Massachusetts

Haven’t been shooting so much as last year, but I am going to California in September and so hope for some good things from that trip.


5 thoughts on “I do sweat the small stuff

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  1. I saw that last picture on your flickr stream, and meant to comment but never got around to it. I did not know there was a distillery in Gloucester, and I lived on the north shore about 10 years including 5 in Essex. I do know there are pot farms and some general locations, but not a legal distillery that can be photographed. When I get a chance, I hope to check it out.

    1. Thanks much. I am so intrigued by the quality that dappled sunlight brings to the forest, even in the small scenes. It’s always a challenge to work with.

      And I thought there was only one distillery in MA, but it turns out there is another in…Ipswich I think. After hearing what hell the government makes these people go through before they even distill one drop, I’m not surprised.

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