Falling into Autumn

So short, but so glorious. Autumn in New England is an amazing time. Even though I’ve been a bit creatively stymied I’m out more than ever just to be there. Not only is there terrific color almost everywhere you look, but there’s also the crunch of leaves underfoot and the scent of them in the air. And the lack of biting and/or stinging bugs is a huge bonus.

My first trip out resulted in just about the only red and orange foliage shot of the season. I went to the Beaver Brook Conservation area in Hollis and wandered around two of the major ponds. It was early, but it was gorgeous. The sun never gets all that high and even in early afternoon shadows were coming up on the near side of the pond.

Spatterdock Pond

Less than a mile away is another pond and the color was not quite as advanced, but because the pond was so low I could walk right out into the grass and put something in the foreground. Normally this spot is a foot under water. Nice for me, but probably the beavers are annoyed.

Wildlife Pond

It was later in the day and the light is a bit warmer and less harsh so I think the warmth comes through better. Still, it was a great find on a terrific day.

More to come.

3 thoughts on “Falling into Autumn

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  1. Beautiful shots. I really like the colors and the composition of the first one. I just went out shooting some New England Autumn color the other day myself. Gotta love the seasons in New England. Thanks for sharing,


  2. How right you are Kris, this time of year, being there is 2/3’s the fun. Cool, crisp, mornings that turn into nice warm days, and NO blood thirsty insects!! Autumn is the reason to live in New England!

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