Two by water

While out the other day I spent a little time on the shore of a beaver pond. It seems lately that there are more and more of them around, creating lakes and overflowing vernal pools. Sometimes they can be nuisances, but beavers evolved to be successful in their niche, and they are part of how meadows develop and forests change so I don’t mind what they do.

The seeming stillness of decay

Plus their houses are pretty cool.

Here there be beavers

These are some of the last shots I took with the E-30. Poor old thing. Maybe if I can get the lens repaired it can still be useful for someone. It’s a good rig. Great lens. Easy to work with. Both shots are with the Olympus 90mm at about f5.6. That one you’ll still get to see shots from. As if there was any doubt!

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