After the rains

I took a day off this week to do some spring shooting. It ended up being a pretty perfect day. Overcast and not too hot and it didn’t actually rain. It had just done though so the colors really popped. Yeah, I was pretty much surrounded by mosquitoes in the Musquash the whole time I was there, but I doused myself in anti-bug juice and they didn’t bite. Of course I had to get in a trail shot –

Somewhere down there

I liked the perspective of this one. The mystery of the trail disappearing under the canopy. And the canopy itself. Fresh, new leaves. Everything seeming to drive upwards towards the sun. Springtime has a feel of energy being released all around you. Also of hurry. You can feel the rush to reproduce all around you. The urgency to get it done before winter arrives again. One of the best places to feel it is at a vernal pool.

Echoes in my mind

I have an idea of working a project around these. They’re so vital to the ecosystem of a forest, providing breeding grounds for many reptiles and amphibians. And regular water sources, too. I just love how still and hidden they seem even though they’re teeming with life. Just moments before I took that shot above, I scared about every frog in the place. When the ripples subsided, I leaned against a tree and composed. Such a perfect reflection. I flipped the image upside-down and it looks really weird. Like a regular forest scene, but something is just so slightly off. The only drawback to photographing vernal pools is the bugs. I have a few shots with mosquitoes just hanging in the air in front of the lens. Sometimes they land on it, too. I have to remember to spray my hands because they always try to bite my fingers. Bah.

Being May, it’s wildflower season and even though I’ve shot pink lady slippers before, I couldn’t pass this one by. The leaves remind me of wings and the bent stem reminds me of a swan’s neck so I spent a bit of time shuffling the beanbag around hunting for just the right angle. So lucky to get that backdrop, too, a big pine. The flower really stands out because of it. The OM 90mm is probably at f8. It likes it there.

Cygnus acaule

So that’s what I got in the morning of my day off. Wait till you see what I got in the afternoon. OMG. But before I sign off, here’s another shot from my sunset shoot with friends on top of Mt. Foss.

Shrouded Whites




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  1. I especially loved the pink lady slipper and the sunset photo. Since we spend a lot of time outside mosquitoes and ticks are an issue. Typically we use DEET, too, but this year I finally got some permethrin and dosed a large number of socks and one pair of pants. I’m hoping that will help. The catch is once it gets hot enough, I am unlikely to be wearing long pants.

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