Looking out my front door

Lately I haven’t had the time to shoot a lot. And sometimes when I have, it’s just been too damn hot, humid or rainy. The desire is there, but the circumstances just won’t work for me. That’s why I love it when something great presents itself right outside my door. This time I mean that literally. For the first time since I’ve lived in this house, I found some indian pipe in my yard. Woo hoo! These beauties are 3 steps from my front door. So great. Well kinda. They’re under a little pine tree and the branches were murder to shoot around. I did though.

At first blush
Dark passenger
The whispers of the factions

Oh and in case you’re wondering, the colors in these is totally natural. I didn’t add anything. I’ve never seen such intense purple in these flowers before. Pink, yes, purple, no. So I was double excited about finding these. They’re not the best indian pipe shots in my portfolio, but there were a lot of limiting factors, mostly the background which only really worked in a limited arc. Otherwise very distracting undergrowth or my house, which doesn’t make a great background.

So anyway…that’s what I’ve got for now. Sorry so sparse. This full time employment thing is really cutting into my photography time. I do have some more paddling shots, but they’re not so terrific. Eh, maybe I’ll put them up. Who knows. Anyway, if you feel like looking at more indian pipe shots, click on the category¬†indian pipe down there and you’ll find all the posts!





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