Tucker Brook; a farewell

Since my time here in New Hampshire got short, I have revisited a few favorite places to say goodbye and experience them one last time. I certainly don’t have time for all of them and my photographs and memories will have to serve. One I did return to is Tucker Brook. I went to shoot the big mill far upstream of the falls, but that didn’t really pan out. Luckily there is plenty else to capture.

The trees were almost fully leafed,

The Vertical Meadow

the fringed polygala were blooming,


the brook was running,

Tucker Brook reflection 2

which of course meant the falls were falling

Tucker falls in mono

and it had some friends.

Farewell falls

I know there will be plenty of beauty in Wisconsin and I’m sure my camera (and my kayak) will keep me busy, but I am sad to be leaving home and all my old familiars.

4 thoughts on “Tucker Brook; a farewell

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  1. I know the people who steward this property and will send them a link to your post. What an honor that it is one of your favorites! I will miss your posts of familiar (and unfamiliar) NH gems, but will look forward to “visiting” Wisconsin thru your future posts. Best of luck on your new trails!

  2. We have fringed polygala on our property here in the mountains of VA. I always enjoy them when I see their purpleness just above last year’s leaves. They must have been in bloom about 6 – 8 weeks ago, here. Love the Tucker Brook reflection 2.

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