Luminar Sun Rays

Definitely one of the more unusual filters in the Luminar suite, sun rays also has the potential for the most abuse/overuse.

In real life, I’ve only ever caught the rays of the sun in the air on a few occasions. You needed the right angle plus enough dust or pollen or something in the air to be visible. But now, if you have Luminar, you can put one wherever you like. Check it out –

The Natural Bridge

Here’s another!

Illuminated hill

Oh and one more for good measure –

Falls Brook above Royalston Falls

One is real and two are fake. Can you tell which is which?

What’s nice about the tool is that you can place the center of the rays anywhere in the frame you decide and that’s just the beginning. Virtually every aspect of the rays themselves, from the total number and brightness, to how long they each are, is adjustable. It will even randomize placement of the rays for you, over and over, until you find something you like. It’s pretty fun and magical, but I think it should be used sparingly.

From now on in photos you will have to be suspect of every one of these you see, but hopefully with my work, you won’t feel it’s too put on. These shots in particular I think are especially appropriate for it. The sun was really there, just out of sight and it was streaking in, lighting the scenes beautifully. I just enhanced the feeling with the Sun Rays filter as well as boosting some of the other aspects. The result are pleasing images that don’t scream ‘put up job’. At least I hope not.



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