The old place on the lake

I think I’ve mentioned before how startling it is for me to find so many abandoned sites that look untouched by human hands. Recently I got into conversation with people from this area who say that it’s because a lot of them are so remote and away from population centers that it keep rowdy kids from finding and wrecking them. That seems reasonable, but I’m not sure. People have cars, ATVs, snowmobiles and motorcycles. They can, and do, get around. The ones in town or near people I can see being left alone, but isolation covers a lot of mischief. And there aren’t a lot of cops. Maybe there are so many abandoned houses that the novelty just isn’t there. I don’t know, but it makes for some awesome photo opportunities. While out looking for just this kind of thing, I found this little gem –

Only nature

It’s by a lake north of where I live. A small lake, but there are a lot of cabins and houses on it that are still occupied; at least in the summer months. In a creepy juxtaposition, there is a modern cabin across the street from this little ruined one. I wonder if the owners even thought about it and its current fate when they built their much grander one. I’m not sure it was ever a house, it looks more like a little work shed, but who knows. I didn’t go in it. The doors are just about head high (I’m 5′ 8″) so it seems awkward for a dwelling. Plus they are double doors which also seems weird for a house.

Just to the left in the shot above is this little scene –

Set a spell

That little gate and fence surround what I think was a fire pit. Now there are saplings and more leaves every year. But the amazing thing is the chair.


It’s a little beat up, but look at it. It’s still there. No one swiped it. Unreal. In New Hampshire a cabin like this wouldn’t last a few years never mind the decades this one appears to have been abandoned. It’s not right on the water, but close enough that if there’s public access or nice neighbors you could get to it. Maybe it’s hung up in probate. Maybe there’s too many taxes owed. I don’t know, but it has been alone a long time. The back part of the roof has caved in, but the front looks OK. The doors are still hanging and the windows are unbroken.

Not from human

It looks across to another cabin that is newer, but has suffered fire damage and a partially caved-in roof. No one appears to have touched that one either. The nice dwellings around it don’t seem to fit. Such is life on a remote Wisconsin lake.

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    1. Thanks Ed. I didn’t go in. I usually don’t and I never trespass when there’s a sign saying not to. People have shotguns around here! I have gotten into conversations with folks when photographing, but they have all been positive.

      1. I know from a personal discussion we had a few years ago you are sensitive to your personal security, and you take precautions. Your blog is educational in nature, and you showcase a lot of remote places you visit. It might be good for you to devote a detailed post about that. You could help somebody. I work with a lot of younger people, and some of the most artistic ones especially are truly clueless about keeping themselves safe.


      2. It’s funny you mention it. Someone on a Facebook group (probably a woman) asked about this very thing. It seems elemental to me, but then again, I’m just old. lol. I’ll see if I can come up with anything that is useful.

      3. I’ll be interested to see what you come up with. Note, it isn’t just women that could use good advice about staying safe. I see lots of clueless (about personal safety) in both genders among millennials I work with.

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