Faded dreams

This abandoned house is near mine and so I pass it frequently. Every time I do I tell myself that I have to stop and shoot it one of these days. Well, that day came. The sky was overcast, but bright and there was a little snow on the ground for added depth and interest. Perfect. Plus I had my new Lumix G9. What more can you ask for?

Faded dreams

Of course the colors are pretty interesting and that’s the first thing you notice. I’ve seen other abandoned houses with similar details and attention. Whimsical touches and personal taste reflect what must have been a happy owner and a cheery home.

My heart slipped
Nursery colors

I wonder how intense the paint was when it was new. I’ll never know. The back looks a lot less inviting, however.

Exclusion Zone

Even though there were no No Trespassing signs and the doors were open, I didn’t go inside. There’s a house just across the street and I swear I could feel eyes on me. No one came to see what I was doing though. Also, I think the back part of the property is used as a woodlot or a junkyard, so while the house is a goner, I think the land is still providing something.

Not just a car graveyard I guess.

Chrome Dreams
The ghost of cruise nights past
No picnic

And speaking of loving detail…check out the corners of this garage. They’re painted yellow! Can’t you just picture the scene? Getting the paint and the ladder, buckets and brushes. Maybe the radio tuned to a ball game. Humming a little tune.

In the interest of nothing
Retired mom taxi

Cars weren’t the only things left to rot in the side yard. I saw an old stove, a boat, an RV and this little gem. What personality!

Red tractor, rusted

A photographer friend tells me that this style of tractor went out of favor a long time ago. Now the front wheels are widely spaced and so they’re much more maneuverable and don’t bog down as much. This one appears to have lost a wheel.

More abandonment will be coming since I went out exploring several times. Had a few interesting conversations a couple of times. Stay tuned!

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