Ruined cabins

Because so much of central and northern Wisconsin is remote and not every square inch of real estate is needed, a lot of old buildings go abandoned for ages. Sometimes forever. Many of these are log cabins.

Open air country cabin
Sit and Cry

Once the roof goes, the rest is soon to follow.

Lonely vigil

Sometimes it seems that vertical logs hold longer. This cabin is right next to the other one. You can see it in the background of the second shot.

Done got old


Don’t dally

Just behind it is another building that was totally flattened. But this door was still in one piece.

Eternally open or eternally closed

Behind both were other ruined buildings and a barn that was half way to the ground. I didn’t venture too far. The folks across the street had magically moving curtains.

Others appear to have been used either over again from their original purpose, or made to resemble something much older. I’ve driven by this one a dozen times or more without noticing it. Until the other day though.

The Minnow Shack

Check out the sign! Someone put a lot of love and care into it. If it wasn’t falling apart like this I might have sneaked it into the back of my car!

Lovely lettering lost

This next one isn’t precisely a cabin which I define as a small building made of unfinished logs (or sometimes you will see them milled slightly – squared off), but I’m going to put it here.

Dead silence
Dead silence

It’s not a house, but probably a storage or equipment shed. The door facing the road is open to the ground and there is another one in the corner in the back. That one had a little closet-like covering which has since collapsed. I love it though – especially the stone foundations which are very common around here. More of that in another post though!



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