Spring’s still, small voice

The calendar says it’s spring, but Wisconsin weather doesn’t respect human constructs. It’s threatening 6-10 inches of snow the second weekend in April, so it’s going to be a while before there’s green or flowers.

Signs of spring’s coming are present though, if you know where to look or how to listen, or even how to feel.

Under a covering of snow is a restless brook, quietly burbling. Telling us its name. Telling us it’s there. Muscling, meandering, murmuring.

The unseen gives voice

The hemlocks dance in the cold air. A forgiving breeze. Sunlight is the power that brings change.

You know the feeling

The whirring of wings. Heartbeats. Stirring primal desires for family. And future.

House hunting

Snow is melting, compacting, feeling discorporeal underfoot.

A silence so weighty

Heat gathers. Pockets form. Shallows invite a slow descent.

Future prospects

Leaves wave, withered. Whispering quietly of the burgeoning to come.

A bright flash

Soon to meet the kiss of decay. Transferring energy to the next phase.

Returning to

The cycle continues. Ephemeral perpetual.

Winter aspens


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