On the road for rural decay

You’re not sick of abandonment are you?

Of course not!

While I love abandoned places all on their own, fog just adds another dimension. It truly is a photographer’s best friend. For this first one, I specifically went out to shoot it in the fog. The reflection in the puddle was just nice bonus.

Troubled air

The processing is a tad extreme, a Luminar preset (Only Yellow I think) with some tweaks, but I think it works especially well. It’s bleak and a little strange. One of these days the walls will just peel over and down. I pass by it several times a month and had wanted to shoot it for years, but the right conditions didn’t present themselves until recently.

After this I just wandered around, eventually ending up in Spirit just over the border into Price county. I am going to go back to look around some more. There are some historic places and a little museum of “yesterday” that I want to check out. In the meantime, there are plenty of things to keep a rural explorer happy –

Minnesota made (Rochester silos)
Old time sugaring shack
Before the times of change
The bleakest bout

Even without fog, I still go out to see what I can find. I’m getting better at spotting them before I blow past and have to find a place to turn around.

Lost my breath
Until the last

If the snow hadn’t melted so much I wouldn’t have been able to get a shot through the front lower left window –

Disturbing the undisturbed

That house doesn’t seem like it was part of a farm, but it might have been. Most of the vanished way of life around here is family farming. Sad. So very sad.

Beginning of the end

The light on the barn and buildings made the color pop, but the farm is at a right angle to this scene and so needed a little different treatment. You can’t tell, but the front door is open to swing in the wind.

No more sorry
The future uncertain

I don’t do it too often, but sometimes when the weather is severe, I like to play up the drama –

Here knows when
Crueler each season

Well that wraps it up for now. There are lots of abandoned places up this way and I never tire of driving around looking for them.

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