Casa de Juste

Another tasting and tour of a rural Portuguese estate. This time the Casa de Juste. Prior to being sold to the current owners, it was a family estate for approximately 500 years.

These days it belongs to another family and it’s trying to become something else. Part hotel, part workshop center, part retreat. It has lots of charm and history.

This is the back view of the section of the house above. Doesn’t it look like a great place to while away the days?

The formal gardens are only a part of the acres of growing things on the estate.

Walk behind that wall in the photo above you will find vines and cherry trees!

That line is an irrigation trench that runs from a large pool to a smaller one in the formal garden behind the house. I’m not sure if the water is collected from a spring or from rainfall, but it’s an interesting way to move water from one area to another.

So are you sick of Portugal yet? I think there’s one more post coming. Porto itself. I don’t think I have too many shots for one post, but I haven’t even looked through them yet so I don’t know. Either way I’ll be wrapping up this series. It was a fun trip. I’ve never taken so many photos on vacation before and hope I’ve captured my experiences well.

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