Logger’s Retreat – part 2

So in the first part I was walking down the road away from the house.

The distant sound of dogs

But before I get to what I found, I wonder if you are wondering why I called these posts Logger’s Retreat. Like how the heck could I possibly know that?

From the trucks. Here’s the one up by the house –

Nobody saw anything

The writing on the door was a little hard to make out, but it was some kind of hauler and the business was based in Abbotsford which isn’t that far away.

Off duty

The bed frame is covered in weeds and I didn’t get a good look at it, but the other truck held the clue to what it was –

V8 down

I can’t make it all out, but Forest Products and Abbotsford (again) are clear. So I assume a man in the logging industry lived here and put his various vehicles out to pasture.


What a workhorse this must have been.

Speed no more

Not much in the way of creature comforts though. Check out the circles on the pedals.

Don’t miss me

Probably many a critter has nested in this hulk.

I’m glad I happened upon this place in November since the vehicles would have been much harder to see and photograph. Ah providence.

The dogs hadn’t showed up, but the light was failing so I said goodbye to first one truck then the other.

Out of it

A wonderful find and a more satisfying exploration. Oh, but before I go. Here’s the Pontiac –

Midnight fears

Not sure what the rope was for.

Abandoned Pontiac


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