Winter isn’t through yet

The snow may have melted, but the cold remained and we got a dusting of…well, I guess it’s still snow, but it’s more like sleet. Kind of crusty and granular. Of course I went out in the yard to see what I could do.

The trout lily leaves were well under way and also the spring beauty. They’re toughing it out.

Have you received the message?

With the naked eye I couldn’t tell what this little sprig is, but in the computer I could instantly tell it is a hepatica blossom, dressed for the cold.

One tough little bud

One of the first things to bring green to the forest floor is wild leeks. We have tons of them. Maybe this is the year I pick some to eat.

Ramps (aka wild leeks)

The contrast of green and white drew me to little secrets.

Strength of many
Given to the rising

But once I got to looking, more wonders came calling.

All is found…in time
Obsequious Obsolescence

I don’t have too much to say in this post. The photos speak for themselves. If you take the time to venture out and look around, you can find beauty.


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