An abandoned interlude

If it isn’t raining too hard, I can still be lured out to photograph abandonment. After leaving Rock Creek, I took a few side roads and found this gem –

There wasn’t a No Trespassing sign that I could see, so I checked out the other buildings, too. If you turn around from that exact spot, this is what you see –

Too funny. If you look over at the road, there’s this –

And if you look over your right shoulder you have this –

Back behind the yellow truck with no wheels appears to be another building, maybe a barn. I didn’t walk back there, but I did stay a little longer. This looks like an old gym bench. I guess the hell with those resolutions.

A few steps back and to the left so to get this little stove in the foreground –

I wonder if it was any of the buildings or maybe this camper –

Basically there was junk everywhere. I have no idea if it was scattered before or after the house was abandoned. The interior of the two buildings above were jammed with junk (old refrigerators being popular) and I didn’t go in either. This is how the house looks from the road –

How the air conditioner ended up there I don’t know. In front of the door (next to the truck cap) is what looks like might have been a chicken coop. The whole yard is fenced in the front.

Here’s a look at the front of the other standing building –

The roof still looks ok and it must have been a great little workshop back in the day. All told I was there about 15 minutes and only one car went by. Lonely little place. At least the buildings have each other.



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  1. I love looking into and around old, abandoned buildings too. It raises so many questions about what it was like when thriving, who lived there, and what happened to change all that.

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