One river, two creeks – part 2

A little further downriver from the unnamed creek from Part 1, is Bauer’s creek. Why this one has a name while the other doesn’t is a mystery. I didn’t paddle it the same day and I didn’t put in at the same spot. Instead I put in downstream from it and paddled up. I knew where it connected and it was an easy paddle from a launch I’d been to before – just at the Grandmother dam.

It was a very different experience. The clouds were a bit ominous, but there was a hint of blue here and there that boded well.

Promises, promises
Splitting the sky

The water was much deeper overall, but could get suddenly shallow, especially in side channels and inlets that I couldn’t resist exploring. There are so many tamarack pines that I will try to visit when they are golden. If the weather is warm enough which is iffy, but I can take a chance.

Never doubt
Promises kept

In the mean time, the winding, wandering channel was a wonder to behold. Especially with the amazing sky. I mostly used my iPhone 11 for the wide angle shots. It was handy and the results are pretty darn good. The long lens I used for details and the occasional critter.

But not named
Painted environment
A world unto itself
Calla lily

Everywhere I looked there was something wonderful whether a detail or the view or both.

Hadn’t a worry
You know where to find me

I thought I might be able to paddle farther, but the trees and shrubs closed in and only the ducks I startled could keep going.

Forced to halt

So I turned and went back and even though it was familiar ground, it was still wonderful so I took my time. I only saw them fleetingly, but the birds kept me company with a cacophony of calls and songs. Weirdly I saw no ducks or other waterfowl pretty much the whole way. Usually I chase them on waterways like this.

A delay of some minutes
The Artist’s impression
Can you get your hands on it?

I think I prefer this kind of weather for paddling. It was sunny at times, but not so much that it was really hot. Not that it ever is in May, but having some respite from the direct sun was nice. And out in a creek like this one there isn’t any shade. On lakes or wide rivers I can usually find a place to duck out of the glare for a while. But I wouldn’t trade this kind of exploring for anything.

Almost too good

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    1. Thanks and you’re right – so lucky. It was kind of gray and almost overcast when I went out so I was prepared for that kind of mood, but then the sun broke things up a little and I got some blue sky, too. Best of everything!

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