After the all turtle post, I think an all fungus post would be good, too. Late summer is the best time to find most species. And because Wisconsin is so rainy, our mushrooms fruit like crazy.

Persistent influence (hygrocybe cantharellus)
Help to influence (? species)
A Frankenstein vibe (? species – about 2cm high)
Renovations in progress (hygrocybe cantharellus)
A wee one (? LBM – species – 1 cm high or less)
Amethyst deceiver (Laccaria amethystina – 2 cm high)

The common name comes from the fact that it isn’t poisonous by itself, but because it absorbs arsenic from the soil, it can become so. And we all know arsenic isn’t a fast-acting poison, so thus the name. Agatha Christie should have used them in a plot. Heck, maybe she did!!

All we knew (? species – 2 cm high)
Popping in to say hello (? species, 1 1/4 inch high)
Finding your bright spot (hygrocybe coccinea)
Agrocybe erebia (1 inch high)

All these photos were taken in my yard over a period of a couple of weeks. In a forest I visited I took mushroom pictures almost exclusively. As a mercy, I’ll put those in a separate post!

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  1. How amazing you have all these in your garden. The purple on and the reds are fascinating but my favourite picture is the Frankenstein one – it is so textural.

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