2020 Fall Cypress Tour – The last sunrise

The week ended on a strong note. We headed back to the area with all the color and it was pretty marvelous.

A final rememberance

There wasn’t a lot of color in the sky, but I made the most of what there was and the trees more than made up for it.

Who wrote songs about you?

Dawn flight

There were little details all around that caught my attention.

Oasis of delight


The light was soft and warm and the breeze kicked up just a little. For once the dreaded giant salvinia helped instead of hindered; it steadied the boat as I shot.

All eyes turned toward

In between shooting frenzies, I stopped and marveled at the beauty around me. For years I’d wanted to experience a cypress forest and now I had. And it might not be the last time. Josh mentioned he was thinking about doing another long tour in the spring. Tempting!

Finding the words to explain

But oh the fall. I could be convinced to do it again. With all the lessons I learned firmly in mind. And warmer clothes in my suitcase. A headlamp, too.

Spanish moss magic

Uncertain times two

So who knows if this is going to be my last visit to the southern forests.

Before you set out

Somehow, I doubt it.

To view additional images, click here for the gallery.

And let me know if you’d be interested in a book. So far I haven’t done a lot with them, but I’m open to the idea. Of course it might have to wait if I go back down for more.


8 thoughts on “2020 Fall Cypress Tour – The last sunrise

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  1. I enjoy your photography so much, but to me, this is some of your strongest work I have seen. Perhaps the drama of an unfamiliar landscape plays into it. Whatever it is, it is a joyful celebration of nature and the beauty of the lands around us.

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