Another one bites the dust

Following my last abandonment post with another. I split them into two because I got to explore this property for a while and so there are more pictures. It’s a pretty sad sight though. Farming on this small scale just doesn’t pay anymore and northern Wisconsin is littered with abandoned property like this.

This is how I first saw it, coming down the road perpendicular to where I shot this. The barn, or what’s left of it, is pretty huge. While I parked and got out of the Jeep, a neighbor who was heading out stopped to talk to me for a few minutes. He said that an absentee owner (he said from Florida) was gradually stripping the place down. As you can see from this and other images, the barnboard appears to be pretty much gone. Hopefully it’s living on somewhere else. It’s a pretty valuable commodity these days. Weirdly, the neighbor also said that he’d taken down all the trees that would have blocked this view. He apparently just dragged a big shredder around and didn’t take down the trees whole for lumber. Very strange and the guy who lives across now has to deal with a lot of blowing snow making big drifts in his yard. The farm’s new owner said something like he wanted to take the land back to its original state and let it grow wild. As if the trees were some kind of foreign invader. But it worked out for a wider view of the yard.

I don’t have much to say that I already haven’t in other posts like this one. It’s a sad testament about what’s happening in the ‘fly over’ states that no one cares about.

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