A Final Blast of Winter

You didn’t think it was over did you?

Blink and you miss it
One. Bend. Only.
Strangers to the game

Have you recognized this place yet? No? How about this –

You got it. Ripley Creek.

I just can’t stay away.

Especially when the layer of ice underneath the water makes things so interesting. Plus there’s that reflection and the lines that makes an X to tie things together.

Islands of concentration

I took these in March and winter was definitely hanging on with a vice-like grip. Ice, snow and freezing temps. An overcast day had me by the water with the tripod. Since most of February was below zero all the time, it was actually nice to get out in nature and not freeze my fingers off.

A limited engagement

There are a few different views here and some details, so it isn’t exactly the same even though the section of brook that all my photos come from is pretty small indeed. The snow and ice makes things look different, but still it can get a little repetitive if I don’t try to make things fresh.

Sometimes a little playful processing can help keep things from feeling stale.

Icy blue heart
Ride along

You should have seen me getting this next shot. I had the tripod set up in a small bush or tree and had to hold branches out of the way. When I twisted up and out my hat got caught in a twig and off it went. Didn’t land in the water though so that was good. The icicles were soo beautiful that I don’t regret the effort.

Ice habit

So that’s it for the moment. I don’t think there are any more winter pictures lurking in my hard drive. After the summer (the nicest month in Northern Wisconsin) and the blink that is autumn, more will come.

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