When Covid was done with me

Covid knocked me and my husband on our butts for most of December, so shooting was out of the question. Just didn’t have the energy to do much besides sit on the couch and stare into space. Showering made me tired. Emptying the dishwasher made me want to take a nap. Plus there was Covid brain and that made anything remotely connected to thinking, planning or creativity out of the question. I couldn’t even concentrate on books or much besides dumb You Tube videos.

But it lifted and the lingering cough I had for a couple weeks also vacated the premises and so I was anxious to get out. Still kind of low-energy though so I decided to drive around looking for abandonment. I didn’t find as much as I wanted, but it was my fault for going to an area I hadn’t had much success in, but hoped maybe some new roads would lead to new finds. These are from Oneida and Lincoln counties.

Not sure what this little cabin was used for, but it’s still standing. The saplings in front of it didn’t leave me much choice in terms of composition since I wanted the window in the back framed in the doorway. I often do this with buildings that have windows or doors and windows that line up – it gives depth and a fun little pop of interest.

Empty belief

This is, too and looks darn sturdy and kind of cozy even without its siding. Funny how I think the windows have been replaced, at least on this front side – they’re different than on the side facing the garage. Which is also much newer than the house, but I like the yellow paint you can see more of there. Traces exist on the house and porch, too, but mostly it was on the siding that got removed. It reveals the structure of the house so well. Real log construction. I’m not sure what the pieces of wood hanging from the bottom of the second floor windows are for. I may revisit it when the snow isn’t around so I can get better angles and detail photos.

Of comforts past

Single silos dot the countryside, too. This one sort of sneaked up on me. I didn’t notice it when I drove by, passing it from right to left in this photo. What caught my attention was the house further down the road. I parked on a side street and walked to the house for the shot and then noticed this on the way back. I use more natural and non-aggressive editing for abandonment and rarely resort to presets, but I used one for this. I wanted to emphasize how it was so unobtrusive that I passed it by. The foreground isn’t ideal, but what can you do?

Relegated to the edges of life

This is the house that had my attention before I noticed the silo. Mostly it was the blue paint (or whatever) on the hay and the kind of looming presence the house still has. There is a new one further back on the lot, kind of behind and near the barn on the right. Getting a decent composition was tough since the ditch was deep and the weeds blocked things off too much. With the line of hay in the mid-ground, having another line in the foreground didn’t work at all. I wanted to create a sense of the house watching over the fields and so it needed to have open space in front. Not perfect, but I like it.

Dirt road blues

Nearby I saw this bench. I don’t know how considering how small it is, but it made me stop. Behind to the right is the foundation of an old barn and the field out of frame is still planted. People probably used to sit back here and drink iced tea or beer after a day’s work. It would have been better if the barn was still standing, but the riot of branches works well to set it off to some degree.

Breaks from the past

Continuing with the outside seating arrangements, check out this example of extreme hideousness!

With Mr. Bunker’s approval

Someone thought that was a good idea. Oh my eyes!


4 thoughts on “When Covid was done with me

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  1. Sorry to hear about the covid – ugh. Hope nothing lingers. However, it is good to see you out in the woods again and finding your photos of winter woods and abandoned buildings. As always, nice work. Meanwhile, hope you and your husband continue to mend.

    1. Thanks much. Nothing has lingered for either of us thankfully and my having asthma didn’t have any repercussions either. Was a bit worried there. Hope to get back out again next week. Have an eagle nest to visit to see if nesting and pair bonding behaviors are happening. My first time getting to see that since I can see this one from a boat launch instead of the kayak and it’s very cold to put the boat in yet.

      1. Road to the spot where I could see them isn’t plowed so I didn’t risk it. We have a crap ton of snow already with more to come, so I don’t think I’ll get to see this behavior this year. Maybe when we have a low-snow winter!

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