Best of 2012

Hello and welcome to my...what is this...the second or is it third? Well, whatever, welcome to my Best Images of the Year post. It was hell. Either I'm getting worse as a photographer or I'm just more picky about my images, but damn if it wasn't hard to compile my best shots this year. The... Continue Reading →

The Best of 2011

OMG am I a lazy blogger or what?  Nothing like waiting until the end of January to post about my best work of the previous year.  I guess I picked a bad time to disconnect from the photography world for a bit huh? When I began sorting images into a best of collection in Lightroom,... Continue Reading →

The Best of 2010

This is a new thing for me, choosing my best photos of the year.  I’ve done it with books I’ve read and albums I’ve bought, but not things I made myself.  It can be hard to subjectively judge your own work, but I think it's a worthy exercise for anyone who wants to get better... Continue Reading →

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