An Unexpected Enterprise (Part 1)

Or how I accidentally walked 8 miles. On snowshoes. You'd think by now I'd know how to read a map. As I mentioned in an earlier post, winter parking can be difficult for hiking so sometimes I choose groomed trails and don't mind paying a fee for the access. In February I hit the Enterprise... Continue Reading →

Not my first date

When we got an early heavy snowfall, I couldn't wait to get out in it. Snowshoe heaven. Especially since I was to have some surgery and didn't know what the recovery would be like. Whether I'd get out into it again or not. Turns out that I would, but it didn't make this day less... Continue Reading →

Winter memories – in the shadows

Another thing that is wonderful about winter is the shadows. The sun never gets very high and without the canopy on the trees, shadows abound! The snow blanket creates such great shapes and textures. It's really a fun thing to shoot.   Ok, and so there's a plant in snow, too. Could you resist? Nope.... Continue Reading →

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