Another weather report

Not snowing, but definitely cold and windy. How did the Lumix G9 do?



I heard or read in several reviews of this camera that it had superior battery performance. I can’t remember what, if anything, the people said they were comparing it to, but it seems worse to me compared to the GH3. Could be just my perception, but there it is.


Sure, cold could be a factor. It always is with battery life. When it warms up I’ll see if there’s a difference. Could be a while though! The little storm that came through to make these photos had a lot of wind and the trunks were painted with snow.

Winter’s Kiss


Where that came from

This was just a quick walk in the woods across from my house. Unfortunately a lot has been cleared for a house and it pretty much ruins the experience. There are a lot of trees down in one spot and then spray paint and day-glo ribbons on trees extending out from there.

The Longest Embrace

I had to remove some of those in post, but luckily I could avoid or obscure them by shifting my position a little. Also by going in the other direction. When I did I found this awesome dead white pine that I’d walked by before, but never noticed. I can only imagine how wonderful it was when alive. The massive branches and the needles swishing in the breeze. The softly protective canopy of a white pine is wonderful. Even without that it is an arresting sight.

The Risen Dead

Back to the camera for a sec – I use a Peak Design wrist strap and have for years. The new version is different and a tiny bit shorter when in its loosest position than the other one was. It was awkward to use the camera in portrait mode with the strap around my wrist. If I tighten it the length is enough, but it has to be under my glove in order to work. Hm.

Founders Ball

Before I called it quits I looked for my pet vernal pool to see how it was faring with the lot being cleared. It took me a few minutes to find it, but it’s still safe. For now. It’s directly behind where the presumed house is going to go, but beyond the colored markers and paint. I hope it stays intact. I might tell the people that it’s there so they leave it be. Not sure. Never met them.

Unquiet rest

That’s how it goes though and I try to be practical about it. There are plenty of other areas for me to walk in with my camera. Some just down the street a bit so it’s not like hardship duty. And who knows what else I’ll find.

Standing this one out



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